Birr Rugby Club seeks to promote the welfare of all Age-Grade Players so that they develop to the best of their ability in a safe and fun rugby environment. We want to welcome young people to the game so that they thrive in our care. Young people are the lifeblood of our game and their welfare and protection is the primary concern for all adults involved in the club.


What to look for when your child joins a club..........

  • Training is available for coaches and volunteers
  • Leaders are safely recruited – Have signed Declaration of Intent and are vetted
  • Codes of Conduct for players, coaches, spectators, parents and referees are available
  • Club Welfare Officer is in place
  • Safety guidelines in place
  • Good Adult to Age-Grade player ratios at training sessions
  • Training & playing schedule available
  • Selection focuses on inclusion, playing and skill development
  • Player registration and membership is in place

What do IRFU expect of our players?

  • All players to be registered and to have their registration cards with them at matches where necessary.
  • Membership fees to be paid on time as part of the player insurance.
  • To engage with the training plan and playing schedule of the club.
  • To have the right attitude towards training, playing, team mates, leaders, selection and representing the club.
  • To respect the Ethos, Laws of the Game and traditions of rugby.
  • To have the appropriate training and playing kit:
  • For matches:Club jersey / shorts and sock and gum shield (properly fitted)
  • For training:Jersey / socks / shorts / gum shield - ensure kit is warm and safe (no zips/ strings or sharp edges etc.)
  • Check with coaches if additional equipment/requirements are in place


What do we expect of Leaders?

  • Should be recruited through the club, with assistance from the IRFU vetting department with vetting
  • To be appropriately qualified and keep up-to-date with age appropriate sports information.
  • Plan and prepare for matches & training sessions.
  • Be fair when dealing with players and particularly when dealing with selection and inclusion issues.
  • Set the right example and be approachable at all times


What do we expect of parents?

  • Always support your child in his/her efforts - don't let your ambitions rule their experience.
  • Ensure your child(ren) have required kit whether training or playing.
  • Attend matches and training as much as possible to ensure you are informed.
  • Volunteer to assist the club when available.
  • Ensure you and your child are on time for sessions/ matches and especially when collecting your child after such events.
  • Respect the club and volunteer efforts - join the club! Adhere to the Code of Conduct for Parents.


What is expected of clubs?

  • Have a policy on child welfare, recruitment, best practice, selection, training and fixtures.
  • Ensure adherence to all Codes of Conduct.
  • Ensure all coaches are appropriately qualified.
  • Appoint a Club Welfare Officer and ensure access to appropriate training.
  • Committees (youth and mini) to meet regularly to ensure adherence to all club policies.
  • Strive to create a safe environment for all rugby activities

The value of the Safeguarding Policy

  • An agreed policy to ensure enjoyment; inclusion and fair play – elements that supports a child-centred and sustainable club environment.
  • Promotes properly recruited and qualified coaches to ensure quality coaching.
  • The appointment of Club Welfare Officers allows the interest of age-grade players to be represented.
  • Encourages respect and dignity for all participants.
  • Supports sportsmanship and fair play, promotes the tradition of rugby and is the values of Irish rugby in action.