Please find a summarized list of available courses below. Coaching courses can be booked here

In order to attain a coaching qualification, you must complete the World Rugby Concussion Management course. This is a free online module that must be completed before you attend a coaching course at any level in order to attain accreditation.

Introduction to Mini Rugby & Stage 1 Coaching Course

If you are coaching Mini 1 (players aged U6-U8) you should complete an Introduction to Mini Rugby Coaching.

  • None available currently

If you are coaching Mini 2 or Mini 3/4 (players aged u9 to u12) you should complete the Introduction to Mini Rugby Coaching Course and one of the Stage 1 Coaching Courses.

  • None available currently


Stage 2 Coaching Course

The age-grade of players in this category is from U13-U15. During stage 2 players need to learn to explore through the game which includes more structured unit skills in addition to more complex open play. Effective stage 2 coaches will take on the role of ‘Teacher’ – using questions to generate feedback for the players as they explore and providing suggestions for future attempts.

  • Gormanston Park RFC – August 31st (9:00 - 5:30)
  • IT Carlow – September 14th (9:00 - 5:30)
  • Moate Community School – September 21st (9:00am - 5:30pm)
  • The Kings Hospital – September 14th (9:00 - 5.30pm)
  • Lansdowne FC - October 7th & 9th (6.45pm -10.00pm)


Stage 3 Coaching Course

Stage 3 coaching focuses on players aged 16-18 and adult junior players. The focus on the game at this stage is on the integrated performance of individual players, units and the team as a whole. The essence of effective coaching at this stage is in the role of the ‘Challenger’ where maximizing player development in the pursuit of optimal performance is prioritized over results.

  • Maynooth University – Saturday June 15th (9.00-7.30pm)
  • IT CARLOW – Saturday August 17th (9.00-7.30pm)
  • TUD Blanchardstown Campus – Saturday July 13th (9.00-7.30pm)


If you are interested in becoming a coach with the club please drop us an at