The IRFU’s Performance Nutrition Department has developed videos for underage players and their parents illustrating the benefits of real food over protein supplements.

The videos show that you can find the 20g of protein required for muscle recovery and repair in a number of everyday food items that exist in practically every household fridge. They outline the specific portion size of foods such as milk, eggs, yogurt and cooked meats that provide the 20g of protein that young athletes are looking for and also provide a host of vitamins and minerals that aid in the body’s development and growth.

Andrew Trimble, Ireland and Ulster, said, “Real foods provide protein and carbohydrates which enable young athletes to perform at their optimum but they also provide all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that allow muscles to develop, grow and recover.  Your young athlete will not get all this nutrients from a tub of supplements.”

Nóra Ní Fhlainnagáin, IRFU Performance Nutritionist, commented, “Your fridge contains everything a young athlete requires; protein and carbohydrates to fuel their bodies, fluids, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, energy and antioxidants. The fridge is the place for young athletes to get the 20g of protein required to support the body’s recovery and growth after training as well as all of the other nutrients that are important for sport and health living.

Real food provides the full sports nutrition package for young athletes. Supplements cannot compete with what real food brings to the table.”

The video for underage players is fronted by 57 time capped Ireland international Andrew Trimble while the video for parents features IRFU Performance Nutritionist Nóra Ní Fhlainnagáin.