Training too resume from Sunday 8th November

   03 Nov 2020

To all members

3rd November 2020

The club committee met last tonight to review our current Covid 19 protocols and the decision to suspend training from midnight 21st October.

After reviewing the latest government/IRFU guidelines the committee has approved a gradual return to training for our mini’s and youths teams under the following guidelines.

  • Non-contact training may resume on a one-day a week basis from this Sunday 8th November.
  • Non-contact training can increase to a two-day a week basis from Sunday 22st November.
  • Contact and senior training may resume from Thursday 3rd December (Subject to government and IRFU guidance and committee review)

Training sessions will follow all government and IRFU guidelines (see link) but we ask all members to remember the following:

  • Pre-Rugby Personal Assessment Declarations must be completed before every training session
  • Training is on an opt-in basis for all participants
  • Strict avoidance of gatherings before or after training