Rugby Development Committee


  • Cahal Rock (Youth Representative)
  • Paul Donohue (Senior Representative)
  • Eamonn O'Meara (Girls Representative)
  • To be Named (Mini's Representative)
  • Brian Hogan (Committee member)
  • Willie Burns (Committee member)
  • John Regan (Committee member) 


Aims and Objectives

  1. Take on the club rugby role of the Director of Rugby.
    • Recruitment of players, coaches, managers and referees
    • Create ‘structure’ for all teams to slot into (an agreed format)
    • Coordinate appropriate facilities/equipment and pitch times for all teams
  2. Coordinating Coaches.
    • Encourage Coach Development within the excellent Leinster coaching programme
    • Providing Coaching Workshops within our own club.
    • Coaching support (through parental help with coaching/managing a team)
    • Assist CCRO and Utilize his time in an efficient matter, Giving him more structure and support, Improving communication between CCRO and Club.
  3. Agree the pathway for Player Development within the club.
    • Explore ways to ease the players transition from Mini’s to Youths, Youths to Senior.
    • Coordinate fixtures for all teams mini and youth and encourage better cooperation between individual teams and the coordinators (ie this committee)
    • Coach players to enjoy rugby & see success as numbers participating and player retention
  4. Continue to develop an atmosphere/culture of Inclusion, Support and Community that represent all within Birr R.F.C


We’re not the biggest club but there’s nothing stopping us being the best!